Team Building and Self Development

Our activities pair challenging quests and lots of fun.

Team Building and Self Development

Activities and Game Play

Build, cook and create in a variety of different team games.

Activities and Game Play

Motivational Speaking

Get inspired by our talented motivational speakers.

Motivational Speaking


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Promote Your Self Development in Birmingham, AL

We offer sessions for individuals, small groups and teams

Always in Motion, LLC combines the strategies of motivational speaking, team building and self development to give people tools to improve their careers and lives. We work with large companies, private groups and couples to help people unlock their potential.

Some of our services include:

  • Team building—Work on your team’s dynamic or develop professional skills together.
  • Self development—Overcome insecurities or build your confidence in your abilities.
  • Activities—Go on a quest, create a meal or strategize a game plan with your peers.
  • Motivational speaking—Get pumped up for a big game or new quarter at work.

Are you ready to learn more? Call Always in Motion at 251-444-7453 to speak with one of our inspirational speakers in Birmingham, AL.

3 reasons to aim high with our inspirational speakers in Birmingham, AL

Hire AIM to inspire you or your team to work harder and reach for long-term goals. Our motivational speakers can help you:

  1. Improve your outlook on life
  2. Increase productivity in the workplace
  3. Regain motivation to succeed in all you do

These sessions are perfect for any group size. Plus, we’ll craft the topic to meet your needs. Call AIM at 251-444-7453 today to schedule an appointment.

What team building activities will you choose?

Always in Motion, or AIM, offers a variety of team building strategies to engage your coworkers. For small groups, we recommend the bubblegum challenge. For larger teams, iron city dash and archery tag are our most popular choices.

Our prices are based on a per-person basis and the packages you choose. For more information about what activities would work for your team and budget, call 251-444-7453 today.

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