Meet The Founders and The Team

Meet The Founders and The Team

Learn more about our inspirational speakers in Birmingham, ALĀ 

Always in Motion's founders and their hand-picked team of motivational speakers have served the Birmingham, ALĀ region for over two years. Their goal is to help people find purpose in their lives or build meaningful careers. They offer a range of sessions, from inspiring discussions to engaging team building activities.

To learn more about Always in Motion, LLC, call 251-444-7453 to speak with one of our talented motivational speakers in Birmingham, AL today.

The meaning behind the Always in Motion shark logo

Always in Motion, or AIM, believes in actively shaping behaviors to reflect the positive changes individuals and teams want to make. Just as a shark needs to constantly move to stay alive, groups need to work constantly toward meeting their goals.

Create a purposeful and fun event for your company with help from AIM. To schedule team building activities in Birmingham, AL, call 251-444-7453 today.